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Imagine your ebook, cd, book or info product featured on the top 12 most trafficked web site in the entire world.


I'm talking 47 million visitors a MONTH!



Just imagine, every day they get 1.56 million visitors (more or less)!


That's a stunning 47 million visitors per month And you can get FEATURED on their site!


Now, there's quite a fascinating story on how you can get on there NOW!


Before that makes sense to you, I need to fill you in on the back story. Actually, it's one heck of a back story with a BIG payoff to you, so stick with me. Remember, I want to send you my 51-page report FREE.


Jeff Bezos has the most amazing vision: Every book ever printed in the history of the world down loadable to your reading device in 60 seconds or less. It's "the first improvement to the book in centuries".


That's quite a vision. It means that the 3 rooms I have in my home that are virtually libraries can be emptied and replaced by one tidy device called simply enough “The Kindle.” 100,000 ebooks, blogs, books and magazines are already available, including many current New York Times best sellers. And the momentum is just getting started.


Imagine, the whole entire knowledge of the world in books available on ONE device in 60 seconds. You know that library around the corner? You won't need it anymore. You'll have it in the palm of your hand. You can search, browse, buy and download wirelessly using Kindle. And do it all without an Internet connection thanks to the nifty 3G cellular connection. That means you're wired anywhere a cell phone will work.


The digital revolution has us downloading music, and videos. Now, the same thing is happening to books. It's basically like having an IPOD for books. And could do for reading what the IPOD did for music.


The digital revolution has us downloading music, and videos. Now, the same thing is happening to books.

Now, in the past there have been ebook readers. But the HUGE sticking point with them was the way the stupid ebooks READ.


What sets Kindle apart is a thing they call "electronic paper." This is totally and completely different from a computer screen! It's a screen designed ONLY to mimic the look, feel and appearance of a page on a real book. It means you can read for hours without getting the computer screen eye burn. That makes all the difference in the world between immersing yourself in the experience of getting lost in a book for hours vs. the chore of reading on a computer screen.


What's more, it's LIGHTER than the average paperback book and a bit smaller to carry. Don't overlook the significance of that...


You can totally take it down to your Starbucks or favorite chair, curl up and read a book much the same way you would a physical one. For example, you can highlight and make notes JUST the same as you would with a regular book. That's a HUGE benefit right there. IT doesn't annoy people by beeping like a computer. And it doesn't run hot. So you can sit there comfortably with it for as long as you want.


The six-inch screen makes for a page that very much mimics what you'd see in a paperback book. It's a very comfortable page size. And you can adjust the font to 6 sizes to find the one that's easiest to read for you, something you CAN'T do with a paperback book.


The reason I like physical books is because I can highlight sentences and make notes. But if I can do the same thing with a digital device, all of a sudden I start asking myself, why do I need all these books on the shelves? One of the things I hate about having all these books on the shelves is I can NEVER find the right book when I need it. Imagine just being able to dial it up on your "digital book." Wow!


On top of that, I might search for hours to find a certain page or quote or concept in a book. "I remember reading that somewhere. But where was it?" With Kindle, you just type in your search! Done in a few seconds. Awesome.


Let's say I'm over at a friends house and I want to read them a quote or example from a marketing book. Now, all I do is enter the search on the Kindle and the quote is right there. My whole stupid library in the palm of my hand! This is what I see as the future. And the future is NOW. Because I'm holding the Kindle in the palm of my hand right now. And all it takes is 60 seconds max to download a book to it.


And get this: The average cost of a book is $9.95, considerably LESS than the $20-$35 you'd pay at the bookstore.


But wait. There's more.


And it's a LOT easier to read on a train, bus or in the car than a big newspaper is. Not to mention that you can highlight paragraphs, quotes or sections with an electronic version of a highlight pen. and email them to a friend or to yourself. How cool is that? TRY doing that with a real newspaper or magazine.


You can edit, delete, and export your notes, highlight and clip key paragraphs and even bookmark 'em for easy access.


Oh, and instead of only having 1 paper with you, you got The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Atlantic Monthly, Time, Fortune and international newspapers from France, Germany, Ireland, Frankfurter Allgemeine and the Irish Times. They actually cost LESS than their paper equivalents (newspapers run $5.99 to $14.99 and magazines ar4e $1.25 to $3.49/month).


And if you get a little bleary eyed trying to read blogs on your laptop, the easy-on-the-eyes Kindle screen lets you read 300 blogs including The Onion, ESPN blogs, Slashdot and many others.


As if that isn't enough, since Amazon bought for $300 million, you have access to digital audio editions of books, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs and original programming -- all from the convenience of one device. That's 80,000 spoken word programs.


According to Bezos, "Music and video have been digital for a long time. But long form reading hasn't. Books are the last bastion of analog." So you might call the Kindle "books 2.0". Music has gone digital. Video has gone digital. Now, books are going truly digital. But it took a SEPARATE and unique computer screen to do it and 3G connectivity.


The biggest selling point of the Kindle is the display of the text on the page. With 167 dot-per-inch E ink display and a special serif font called Caecilia, you can literally FORGET you're reading the book on a digital device. That is the magic sauce that drives the whole vision. Add to that 3G connectivity and the ability to search, and you're rocking and rolling.


We have a whole new generation who do everything on the screen. That's where they get their music, video and games. It only makes sense that this is where they'll want to get books. It's a big step removed from the baby boomer generation, who are still caught up in the analog concept of the world.


You don't have to stretch the imagination too far to see that book clubs will literally be held WITHIN your book via the Kindle device. You'll have the ease of tying in virtual communities to your purchases. A whole new level of interactivity becomes possible.


Perhaps it seems like a dream to have all the books in the world ever printed available on one device. But understand this fact:




When companies like Google and Amazon have BILLIONS of dollars at their disposal, they can pretty much make happen what they want to make happen. Scanning in a bunch of books is no big feat for their resources.


The Kindle totally changes the dynamics of an industry. Today, publishers lose money on 80% of the books they publish. But with digital distribution, those economics can be totally turned around. Which is why



Critics will wonder if the Kindle is a world changer or a flash in the pan. If you're voting for flash-in-the-pan, then you don't understand the mindset of Jeff Bezos. he literally doesn'tcare if the Kindle makes a profit for YEARS. Just as he did with Amazon, he has the long term view in mind.

Why The Kindle Represents An Opportunity For
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I said all of the above to make you see, realize and understand the vast significance of the Kindle.


Now, let's talk about how all this benefits you.


To kick start this whole revolution, Amazon is letting you put your book in their Kindle directory FREE!


This is very cool. In fact, let me show you just how cool it is. Every month, when those 47 million unique visitors hit, here is what they see:



That's right, a direct link to Kindle information and the navigation to the Kindle store.



So follow me here. You have 47 million people a month, around 1.5 million a day going to When they hit that page, featured above the fold is Kindle and the link to it. On that page, you have links to books, newspapers, blogs and magazines. I suppose if you're enterprising, you could get something listed in every category!


But for simplicity sake, I'm just gonna focus you on the "Kindle Books." It's the first link and the one that'll get a huge number of clicks.


Now, here's the killer thing: You can get YOUR ebook featured, listed, in the Kindle Books section -- FREE!


It's not gonna cost you a red cent. How's that for the price is right? Now, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a fee for this in the not-so-distant future. Maybe even a hefty one. Why not get on there now so you can be "grandfathered" against future possible charges? Makes sense, right? I mean, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Now, listen up: I realize 47 million people don't have Kindle's yet. It DOESN'T matter! What matters is out of those 47 million people, a good chunk of them WILL go pokin' around in the Kindle Books section. And you can have your ebook featured there -- free!


How cool is that?


Best of all, I wanna show you exactly how to make it happen for you. I had a special 51-page ebook written to show you exactly how to do it step-by-step. It has special little secrets and more instructions than we found on the Amazon site. It's good scoop.


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